Downtown Halifax’s best late-night dining

Halifax loves pizza, and we love Halifax.

The best late-night dining isn’t five-star. It’s greasy, salty, sharable, and available at Xtreme Pizza on Spring Garden. Whether you’re a fan of delivery, dine-in, or takeout, our restaurant is open late with no enforced dress code. Visit us in your shortest skirt, your sports memorabilia, pajamas, or Sunday best, and we’ll be happy to serve you.

Since its creation in 2005, Xtreme Pizza has become a south-end staple. Our menu is so vast, we guarantee something for anyone. When late-night cravings hit, you can count on us to hit the spot. It doesn't matter if you’re into salty, savory, or sweet, we take pride in making fresh, delicious food for you, your family, and your friends.

Don't let our menu of over 150 items overwhelm you. Start from the top. What are you in the mood for? Our menu is split up into 18 sub-categories to help you navigate your munchies. If you aren't good at decisions, our team is happy to make recommendations to you based on our popular items.

Don't forget our Xtreme Deals. We update these monthly to keep you coming back for more. We have something for everybody and every budget.

Order online or over the phone.

Your perfect pizza is waiting for you at Xtreme Pizza on Spring Garden!