Late-night poutine Halifax

Halifax loves pizza, and we love Halifax.

Sometimes you’ve got a craving and you just need to do something about it. Let’s be real with ourselves: we all love late-night comfort food, and what’s better than french fries? Here’s what’s better: poutine! Crispy french fries smothered in rich gravy and melty cheese. What’s better than poutine? In the Maritimes, we know the answer is absolutely nothing. At Xtreme Pizza Halifax, we take comfort food seriously.

Try our classic poutine, or branch out by adding stuffing, chicken, feta, pepperoni, and more in one of our THIRTEEN different poutines!

You asked that we stay open late to serve you delicious food after your night out in downtown Halifax, and we said YES. We know that nothing hits the spot quite like poutine, whether you’re coming from the bars or your bedroom.

Coming from the bar or the study hall? Swing by our downtown Halifax location on Spring Garden Road for poutine that is fresh and piping hot.

Feel like staying in? Don’t feel like cooking tonight? Give us a call or use our website to order delivery straight to your door. Don’t forget to check out our Xtreme Deals while you’re at it!

Order online or over the phone.

Your perfect pizza is waiting for you at Xtreme Pizza on Spring Garden!